And All Our Yesterdays Have Lighted Fools, Part 12

Rae H. Williams
Slot 5 - Sat 10am-5pm - 7 hours
SPACE FOR 1 TO 8 Returning Players given preference, New Players welcome

Although this isn’t an ongoing campaign, there is a continuity to the stories. Each year is based on a different Shakespeare play, don’t worry I don’t use the language and you don’t have to be familiar with all the plays to have fun.

First year, the players freed Eric and imprisoned Corwin. Fiona killed Moire and someone returned the Eye of Serpent/Jewel of Judgment to Chaos. Second year, the players spent time in a maze world, thanks to some caskets that were delivered to Amber. Third year, there were a bunch of duplicate Elders running around. Fourth year, the group helped to unite a pair of lovers from Rebma and Chaos (Martin and a Hellmaiden) who seemed ill-fated prior to their intervention. Fifth year, the players went to Thailand on vacation and built a large sand castle, which became a very real castle and hotel (complete with elevator). They also helped defend the Arden, from an outlying area that led into the Arden, by beasts ala the Black Road, led by a Chaosian who didn’t know the war was over (it is a big universe after all). They learned of Julian's on again/off again romance with a lady from the area, Rosalind. Sixth Year, Another attack by a Chaosian, this time Jack found out who his mother and father were (Osric). She threatened to take Amber if her son wasn’t put on the throne. Jack swore allegiance to Amber, Eric became the king again, and the other side was defeated. Seventh Year, Kerribad went hunting with Julian, the Pattern and Logrus appeared on tiles at Edmund’s zoo. The Triplets were sent on duty on board the 3 Gérard’s ships, which were attacked by pirates. Various people saw ghost who had warnings for the future, including a group on Tir-na Nog’th. Eighth Year, Somehow, all the characters ended up in an ancient version of Chaos, prior to Amber’s existence. Aurelia’s mother was younger and didn’t recognize her. They met baby Mandor’s mother Jocelyn and her sister Peller, and a few people joined a much younger Dworkin in battle and some sailed the seas with Edmund. When they finally were able to remove the spell from Dworkin, he returned to be with Peller, who he was in love with. Shortly after that, they returned to the “normal” universe. Ninth Year: Corwin's face began appearing in the most unlikely places: cards, books, etc. Some of them encountered a young boy, who turned out to be a kitchen worker's son, by Corwin. When players contacted him, he was in a hotel room in Shadow, unwashed and drunk. He couldn't understand why none of his Trumps worked, or why he couldn't move through Shadow and find his way to Amber. When asked what he remembered last, he said it was the attack on Castle Amber with Bleys. With a little help from Merlin, Gérard, Llewella, Mandor and Llewella, they found out that Moire had found a way to put a ty'iga in Corwin's body. In this way, she controlled the events that eventually led to Random (the then King of Amber) being killed. Once exonerated, and with the help of a few other Elders, Corwin returned to Amber, and was told to marry Jenny, who he proposed to. Tenth Year: A masked ball to celebrate Corwin and Jenny’s engagement turned sour when a cleric from the Church of the Unicorn accused Jenny of being a high priestess in the Church of the Serpent, and would not allow the marriage to take place in Amber’s main church. When asked for proof, the cleric produced a document from Amber’s spies in Chaos which confirmed her standing. Swayvill was accused of sending a spy to the Court of Amber, though the Chaosian had no idea who she was. Yyvrael and Aurelia went to Chaos and found the Serpent had replaced Bances as head of the Church and was planning an attack against Amber. It opened a Trump portal through Jenny’s body, which exploded opening the gate. Many Amberites were brought to the Church and aided by some Chaosians and the Unicorn, attacked and contained the Serpent. Aurelia removed its only eye and Yyvrael sent it to the edge of the Pit. The Eye was given to Swayvill and the Amberites returned home. Eleventh Year: The players found that the guards at Castle Amber were missing, along with all the other inhabitants of Amber, except the younger generation. When the Yyvrael threw pebbles on the Pattern, Edmond stayed to guard it, and Steed and the Chaosian went to the Primal Pattern, which wasn’t lit and was about half the size. Their Trumps of the older generation were warm and ineffective. Snow, odd night hours, and a gray mist that seemed to destroy things thrown into it. Checking the Rebma Pattern showed a quarter of the reverse Pattern. When the Pattern Masters put their minds to it, they were able to create and walk a full Pattern in their minds and return to the real Amber. After hearing some odd music which was recognized as the music of creation, they finally tracked down the source of the trouble. Harmony, who will be taking over for GhostWheel in running the universe, was running a beta program in a pocket universe.

Each part of this series is based on a different Shakespeare play. You don’t have to be an aficianado to enjoy the game. Part 1 was based on "MacBeth." Part 2 was "The Merchant of Venice." Part 3 was "The Comedy of Errors." Part 4 was "Romeo And Juliet." Part 5 was "As You Like It." Part 6 was “King John.” Part 7 was “Henry VI, Part 2.” Part 8 was “All’s Well That Ends Well.” Part 9 was "Measure For Measure." Part 10 was “Henry VIII.” Part 11 was “The Tempest.” Part 12 is based on another Shakespeare play, but you'll have to guess which.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Contact if you haven't played before. 150 point characters, no exalted powers.
Teen-friendly, Amber with a Twist, Ongoing, Other Genre, Role Playing Game, Series, Tabletop

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