Riddles in the Middle

Bridgette Ruggles
Slot 7 - Sun 11am-5pm - 6 hours

Well, the cousins have put their foot in it this time. Welcome to a Brand New World. He may not be Grandpa Bleys, but Uncle Gerard has made a good first impression. That it started with his fist and Brand's face might have been the key to it.

You have the stars above, the sea below, and ethereal stairs inbetween. If this is where it begins, imagine the marvels where it ends!

Characters were drawn up as 80 pt versions of their adult selves. Most players have not seen their character sheet in years. New Characters will be starting in Amber, as the railway does not cross Tir.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Contact bridgetter@gmail.com
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Alternate Amber, Freeform, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Series

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