Amber in Twilight

Michael Kucharski
Slot 5 - Sat 10am-5pm - 7 hours

The Amber that exists today bears no resemblance to the stories told by the Oberon’s sons or daughters. Nor does it resemble the images that are held in the hearts of Oberon’s grandchildren. Combat between Reynard and Rowena for Amber, destroyed it. Afterward many sacrificed much, in some cases all, to rebuild and restore Amber.
Today Cromcalen has ruled for as long as all previous kings and single queen(Oberon, Eric, Random, Reynard, Fiona, and Everwhite) Amber put together.
Today, instead of an importer and transporter of goods, Amber today feeds the Golden Circle and beyond; a semi-circle of train rails carry large solar powered stream engines from Amber out into Shadow and back. At the edge of its northern border and looming above Amber is the Kingdom of Arden, and within Amber’s border is the City-State of Rebma.
Today, Amber looks like the Valley of Kings reclaimed from the desert, its plateaus converted into finely carved out residences and businesses surrounded by homes, businesses, parks, garden, and public works upon what was once a sea bed.
Today, the royal family numbers in the hundreds, perhaps even a thousand.
Today, the Pattern of Amber resides in an amphitheatre atop one of those plateaus, and it bestows no powers aside from confirming that one is of the blood. Likewise, although still cool to the touch the royal trumps are no more than very fancy calling cards that no member of royal society would be without.
Merlin, son of Corwin and Dara, the creator of the new Jewel of Judgment, and the restorer of the Pattern of Amber has not been seen since in a millennium. Still at court (and alive) are Florimel, Gerard, Fiona, Bleys, Deirdre, and Benedict; those not seen in centuries include Gideon, firstborn of Oberon; Rowena or her daughters; Margaret; or Corwin.
Players are welcome to bring their favorite Player Characters; the character will be modified to fit the perimeters of the campaign. Or create new characters for a new world.

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