Nine Judges in Recess III: Mutatis Mutandis

Cyrano Jones
Slot 7 - Sun 11am-5pm - 6 hours
SPACE FOR 3 TO 6 Returning Players given preference, New Players welcome

Those crazy kids from the SCotUS are back, and the wackiness doesn't stop! But there are big changes in store this year.

This summer is the big car wash/battle of the bands to raise money for the charity "USA for Important Things" so it's totally crucial that the whole thing goes well.

Characters are pregenerated, with some flexibility. You will each play a member of the Supreme Court who is also a young eighties actor playing a high school student. This is going to be *radical*.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Mail the GM
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Humor, Non-Amber, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Tabletop

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