The Fairy Circle

Lorraine (Rain) Donaldson
Slot 4 - Fri 8pm-12am - 4 hours

"The country was called Lorraine and so was she."

"I am told it began as a tiny ring of toadstools, far to the west. A child was found dead in its center, and the man who found her-her father-died of convulsions several days later. The spot was immediately said to be accursed."

"I used a spell to get my first man," she said, "and look what he turned out to be. If I hadn't, I'd have been a lot better off. I wanted a pretty daughter, and I made that happen-"
She stopped abruptly and I realized she was crying.
"She was the little girl in the Fairy Circle. I thought you knew..."

"The grasses darkened and shone like metal within it, but did not die. The trees twisted and their leaves blackened. They swayed when there was no wind, and bats danced and darted among them. In the twilight, strange shapes could be seen moving-always within the circle, mind you-and there were lights, as of small fires throughout the night."

Your village faces a terrible threat, how will you respond?

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Create a 50 point native of Lorraine or request a pregen at least one week before the con. No Pattern or Logrus. Unique powers available by negotiation.
Dark, Horror, Stand-alone, Traditional Amber

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