Shattered Under Midnight

Katherine Nyborg
Slot 8 - Sun 7pm-12am - 5 hours
SPACE FOR 3 TO 6 Returning Players given preference, New Players welcome

Let the red dawn surmise
What we shall do,
When this blue starlight dies
And all is through.
-- Cassilda's Song, "The King in Yellow" Act 1, Scene 2

One hundred years ago, the Champions of Faerie sacrificed much to win their way through the woods surrounding the Heart of the World. Fiona of Amber was rescued, Faerie was healed, and the dreaded Fell vanquished. Orpheus, the Prince of Dreams, became Faerie's new guardian, and he has served you well.

For one hundred years, there has been peace. There has been happily ever after.

But Faerie is changing. You feel it all around you. The Endless Starlight -- shards of Fiona's broken "pattern", the source of magic and continuity in the realms -- is disappearing, leaving parts of Faerie lost in darkness. You know it in the way your own story has altered, and not for the better.

The Queen's mind is broken, and General Benedicte is a most unwilling Regent. The Marquis of Argent, Brandwell, disappeared long ago, yet his ghost, or something like it swathed in yellow, roams the land. Where he goes, madness follows. Orpheus, Dream's son and Faerie's guardian, is missing … and the nightmares have begun.

You, the Champions of Faerie, are the realm's only hope. Can you save the realm before the magic is lost and all stories fall utterly into silence?

*This is the middle chapter of the Under Endless Starlight trilogy, and re-imagining of the game of the same title run at ACNW '08. If you played then, you're more than welcome to return, as the plot is completely different.

Both returning and new players are welcome.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Characters must be taken from a fairy or folk tale (any country of origin). Please no "gods" or other "all powerful" beings. These are archetypes (as most fairytale characters are), and flawed folk. -You get 1 Amber-level stat, 2 Chaos-level stats, and 1 Human stat. They're the usual: Psyche, Strength, Warfare, Endurance. - Based on your character's story of origin, pick two skills and two powers they might have. Returning characters get to add a new skill to the list, for a total of 3. - Pick one thing your character REALLY TRULY WANTS. This can come from the story, or from the back story you make for your character. Make it personal. - Choose one way in which YOUR STORY HAS TAKEN A TURN FOR THE WORST. A much darker turn. Run it all by me, and voila! Some Hasty Examples: Cinderella: Skills -- Disguise, Making Something from Nothing. Powers -- Talk to Animals, Song of Enchantment. Really Truly Wants to be an independent woman. Turn for the Worst -- Pushed her step-sister down the stairs. Puss In Boots: Skills -- Dashing Swordscat, Lands on Feet. Powers -- Extreme Jumping, Silver Tongue Trickery. Really Truly Wants to be human chevalier, not just a talking cat. Turn for the Worst -- Becomes human chevalier who cheerfully plays with his victims before murdering them.
Alternate Amber

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