House of Justice and Doom

R.F. McCaughey
Slot 4 - Fri 8pm-12am - 4 hours

Every player is a scion of the Marshal of Amber, Prince Benedict. Every player has access to the secret resources your father passed on to you to use in case of his death, for the enemies of Amber are many.

The one true realm is in shock, for Prince Benedict has perished in battle.

You and your sibs are the heirs to Benedict's line, and the King commands you to attend a debrief on the status of Amber's defenses. Also the Executor of Benedict's holdings will disclose to you the terms of Benedict's will.

Can you and your sibs negotiate through the canny connivance of your Cousins and Greater Family? The House of Justice and Doom shall save or destroy Amber!

Amber canon.... out in the infinite shadows. Random is King. Zelazny's books are somewhat reliable. Characters have grown up trained to be hidden leaders and blood royal of various shadow cultures and can work on ties to other PCs with the GM before Con.

PCs must be built for 80 pts. Characters submitted to GM prior to convention can be built for 100 pts. At the game, First come, First served, the GM will hand out the secret resources of your missing parent. No promises the resources will match your character concept, but you can trade with your sibs for a better match at game start.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
To create a character based on connections with other players, email, mark email subject with "ACUS, House of Justice"
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Role Playing Game, Stand-alone, Tabletop, Traditional Amber

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