47 (this is NOT Erick Wujcik's 47)

David Blackwell
Slot 6 - Sat 7pm-12am - 5 hours

You all know the setting, the world is our own. It is the summer of 2014 in the northern hemisphere. No strange events, supernatural disruptions, or alien invasions are in progress. People from all over the world are living their mundane, humdrum lives, while a few live more exciting ones, either by choice or force of circumstance.

People are people, and people have secrets, talents, and unexpected layers to surprise each other, or even themselves.You may not believe you are any different, but you are. And you are about to be thrown together on an adventure that is bound to have some real surprises.

Warning: This is an experimental system and an experimental setting.

Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge this setting has nothing to do with Erick Wujick’s 47 rpg project. I was trying to work out a name for this session, and suddenly realized that the perfect choice was 47. A few minutes later, I remembered Erick’s project, then I double checked the number and verified that it was in fact the same. I have no idea what he was working on, or why he liked the name 47. I only know why I like it and why I chose it.

Character creation will take place before the convention, and characters will be built on 50 points. All characters will be between 18 and 30 years of age. You are probably orphaned or adopted, If you are over 18 your biological parents are dead, if you are 18, you might have been raised by a single mother, who may or may not have married since. Beyond that your background is open and you can write up anything you like.

There are five attributes; Strength, Endurance, Prowess, Affinity, and Intention. The two familiar ones are much the same as in the ADRPG rules. Of the remaining; Prowess is the attribute of combat and athletic endeavors that require more agility than power; Affinity is the attribute of empathy and understanding the motivations of others, both people and animals; and Intention is the attribute of will, focus and mental pursuits.

There is one other catch: Points come in three different colors; red, black, and gold.

You have 46 red points; these may be spent on attributes or saved for future use. You may reserve up to half of these points for future use, but you are not required to reserve any of them. This isn’t good stuff or bad stuff, reserved points are just reserved.

You have three black points, these may be spent on education or training. A single point is good for broad and deep experience focused on a particular area of human endeavor. For one point you can be a doctor, a lawyer, a sculptor, a novelist, a soldier, or a pilot and you will be very good at it. You cannot stack these points, but you can put them in similar and complementary skills. You can also reserve any or all of them.

Finally, you have one gold point. You can spend your gold point on anything. If you use it on an attribute you are world class in that attribute. Think of it as buying up to Chaos level. If you spend it for an additional area of training you are one of the best in the world, with an intuition that makes you the envy of others in your field. If you stack it with a black point, then you are a world recognized authority in your field. You can hold your gold point in reserve or, if you like, you can spend it on something stranger. (GM approval required)

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Build your 50 point character as described above. Include a name, brief personal history and summary of life experience. Good info about your character means I will be more likely to find something in your background to work with rather than making something up and adding it.
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Non-Amber, Role Playing Game

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