The Secret Advesary

Adam Easterday
Slot 6 - Sat 7pm-12am - 5 hours

After the ravings of the dying Body in the Library of Castle Amber (yes it was Brand) lead our intrepid heroes though the Corridor of Mirrors to the Grand Stair, our heroes find themselves in possession of a Key - Kolwynia, the Key that was Lost. Now the trouble is everyone wants that Key and our heroes don't know whom to trust and where to turn for help, the Powers they know are ...different here on the Stair and the way back to Amber seems blocked.

This game is a continuation of last year's Body in the Library Amber to Lords of Gossamer Crossover. New and returning players welcome. Character creation and modification/advancement for returning players will be handled pre-con via email with the GM.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Contact the GM for recap of last year's events and character creation/advancement.
Teen-friendly, Amber, Campaign, Crossover, Lords of Gossamer & Shadow

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