The Directive: The Seas Calling...

Kris Kunkel
Slot 4 - Fri 8pm-12am - 4 hours
SPACE FOR 3 TO 8 Returning Players given preference, New Players welcome

A department under the Franco-Argent Ministry of Shadow Affairs in Corwin's Franco-Argent Empire, The Directive's stated mission is, "To serve and protect the Empire from the illegal use and trafficking of illicit technologies within Franco-Argent and the partner nations of the Argent Court."

What The Directive does? Well, that's only known to their operatives. Earlier this month the Orleans branch discovered some odd items being shipped by a spice merchant through Orleans, they traced the shipments back through Tours and as far as La Rochelle. Directed by the Minister to investigate further, the operatives discovered incognito Amberites following the same leads. It's sure that the Emperor will be concerned when he returns from his Eastern Progress.

Knowledge of last year's game is not necessary, but returning players are welcome to revisit their characters from the Orleans, Tours, or La Rochelle cells.

The Directive /is/ set in the same universe as The Crimson Guard campaign, but knowledge of the one will have little impact on playing in the other and is not suggested nor discouraged by the GM. Imagine that Corwin drew a pattern and has drawn together his own Argent Court, much like the Golden Circle. He has found a need for an agency to keep the 17th C. French countryside well grounded in 17th C. technology, despite the influx of people and ideas during the Founding of Argent and immigration from the local allied Shadows.

Pre-generated characters will be provided.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Contact GM via email prior to convention for pre-gen customization.
Adventure, Alternate Amber, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Series, Tabletop

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