Guerdon of the Argonauts

David Blackwell
Slot 6 - Sat 7pm-12am - 5 hours

The year is 1851, the newly formed state of California is awash in humanity. Northern ports once held by Imperial Russia, a newly formed legislature in San Jose, and fortune hunters from around the globe in deadly confrontations in the Sierra Nevada range, if they survive to make it that far inland. Any sin or vice you desire can be found on Pacific street, if you don't run afoul of the Sydney Ducks. But there is one thing on everyone's mind: Gold.

From around the globe, sailing ships and steamers make their way to the San Francisco bay, they carry goods and people, and hope to leave low in the water with the weight of the gold they carry. With just two of its First Class Frigates in the Pacific, the US Navy forces are stretched thin trying to cover over 800 miles of coast.

You have been wronged. What are you willing to risk to set the world aright?

The State of California in 1851, as it might have been described in the writing of Alexandre Dumas. "Business? It's quite simple; it's other people's money."

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Characters are provided, no preparation is required.
Non-Amber, Role Playing Game, Stand-alone

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