Striding Sunset

Eric Todd
Slot 7 - Sun 11am-5pm - 6 hours

World War Z. The Walking Dead. In the days and years before, we lapped up these stories of the apocalypse, of the end of society, of zombies. It was as if on some level the world knew what was coming. Like we were trying to prepare ourselves for the horror that lay before us. So when it finally happened, it was a dream we'd summoned into reality. A nightmare made flesh. And yet, there was so much we failed to imagine. So much pain and beauty only a survivor could know.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
This is an experimental, diceless story-game. All game concepts and rules will be explained at the beginning of the session and characters will be created on the spot.
Teen-friendly, Dark, Humor, Non-Amber

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