FR1 - Defenders of Waterdeep

James Arnoldi
Slot 8 - Sun 7pm-12am - 5 hours

A Forgotten Realms Adventure for 2-7 characters

Waterdeep is called the City of Splendors with good reason. You can travel all through Faerun and will you never see another city quite like it. Wonders and magical artifacts from all over the realms find their way here. Adventure and intrigue can be found around every corner. Many of the greatest wizards and warriors in the world are Waterdhavians. So, it was natural for you and your party of adventurers to settle down in Waterdeep and call it home and you've done pretty well for yourself here. Wherever you came from and whatever you did in the past, Waterdeep is home now and you'll do whatever is necessary to keep it safe.

Player characters will be highly established heroes in a traditional D&D fantasy setting. Semi-retired, they have settled into Waterdeep and may have many deep ties to most powerful nobles in the city. The players will generate these characters by email using the KEY RPG system (a diceless system created by the GM). Our heroes will all have adventured together in their youth, so we'll work together to determine what the group was like in their adventuring days and what their adventures consisted of. Perhaps you fought the Dragon Cults and stropped them raising a powerful Dracolich or perhaps you fought against Red Wizards. Whatever your adventures were, they were epic....and now you can look forward to a nice quiet retirement....

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Contact the GM with a character concept and we will work through details through email.
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Non-Amber, Pre-teen Friendly, Teen Friendly

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